Friday, April 24, 2009

I Love Salvage, What Can I Say?

I grew up in this business of "junk" even though it has a name, Country Roads. When my mom opened the store I was about eight or nine years old. When my oldest sister, Brande, was old enough to drive, we would go to Vet's Flea Market. She would always have me ask the vendors if they could do better because they thought I was so cute! I would say, very sadly when I asked, "but I only have $10 and I REALLY like that, are you sure you can't do any better". Most of the time my routine would work! I've always loved demo work because it meant ripping out the "old" for the new. You come across such cool stuff in this business. I've always got a bunch of doors and windows in the store if that's what you are looking for. And of course there are other salvage pieces as well. Lookin' for something special, just let me know! I'll be back with some more current photos, and what can I say accept "welcome to Jackson & Son Salvage!

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